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Utility kilt is a type of kilt that was invented recently. It is used for men that are involved in more physically active routine. Utility kilt is also known as a type of modern kilt. It has bunch of pockets and also has a hook that allows you to attach hammer.

Utility kilts share a quite lot of similarities with regular kilts. The main difference between the two is the absence of classic tartan in Utility Kilts.

These type of kilts give you the opportunity to wear it to work everyday. They also come in camouflage or simple khaki texture, which is my personal favorite. The great thing about Utility Kilt is that you don’t have to worry about getting it stained compared to a normal highland kilt that can cost anywhere between a few hundreds to a thousand dollars.

Utility Kilt is considered as a strong choice in the modern kilt community. As people are getting more and more smarter everyday, they are no longer considering a kilt that represents the Scottish culture and heritage instead they think that it has to be evolved like everything else in the world.

Utility Kilts offer everything that a kilt has to offer but with additional features of having multiple pockets that can easily store your necessary tools and hardware, which makes them very useful for both work and daily wear.

Furthermore, Utility kilts are available in Acrylic material whereas the traditional Scottish kilts can be purchased in a wool fabric. But since the Utility kilts are made from Acrylic, they are pretty affordable and easy to maintain compared to the traditional ones. They look very much similar to the traditional Scottish kilt but the only difference you are probably going to notice between them both, is of the material and extra added pockets. However, there are few manufacturers that offer wool as an option but I personally haven’t tried them.

If you are a woman that’s reading this post, then don’t get disappointed because there are also tons of different Women’s Utility Kilts. These type of kilts are ideal for active men or women to carry all of their crucial things in the pockets. Additionally, these kilts are also available in a variety of different materials such as; cotton, leather, denim, etc. They are often referred to as “Modern Kilts”.

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